Membership & Fees

‘Big Pool’ squad swimmers must be FINANCIAL Atherton Swimming Club members.

(Coaching fees are extra, paid directly to Swim Logic. )
Members get exclusive access to squads and the gym and Covered by Insurance.

Our club fees are to be paid 2 weeks from joining a squad.  Coaching fees are paid directly to Swim Logic at the beginning of the month and are separate to the club.

Membership Prices

Annual Membership Fees – 2016/2017 Cost
1st or 2nd family member $105each
3rd family member $85
4th + family member $50
Learn To Swim or LTS moving up to big pool for the 1st time $85
7 & U – Dolphin Membership  FREE
8 yr  $55
Parent Swimmer on club nights (same fee structure as LTS) $85

The Australian Swimming financial year runs from July 1 – June 30.  New season’s fees are due September 1, 2016.  (There is a grace period for returning swimmers until September 30, 2016 to pay the new season’s fees.)

new-membership-form-dolphin-2016-2017  – ALL Please note that a copy of your childs birth certificate must be included with your membership (unless previously sited by the club)

Access to squads, even once a week, it is a pre-requisite for all junior swimmers aged between 4 and 19 to be financial members of the Atherton Swimming Club Inc.  Under the terms of our insurance, members are not permitted to swim alongside non-members.

Coaching fees are extra and are paid directly to the coach or Swim Logic staff.

Learn to Swim (LTS) children promoted to the “Big Pool” pay a special introductory rate to join.  This introductory rate covers the Swimming Qld and Insurance costs only.  This enables the LTS children to swim at club nights and carnivals.  Swimmers rejoining the squad for a second season pay the usual club fee, not the introduction fee.

Gym Users must be financial members of the Atherton Swimming Club or Atherton Mountaineers Masters.  The gym is for use in conjunction with swimming programmes, not for casual use by non-members.